Miss Andrea Schneider 7th Grade


Homework Wed, March 22

7th Grade: Math GR7 G Quizlet 2 Student DUE TOMORROW

PD1: pg. 307 #6-19

PD4: Ch 9.1-9.4 Quiz tomorrow, STUDY

PD5: Simple Solutions

8th Grade: Math GR8 G Quizlet 1 Student

all classes: Quizlet due tomorrow


Homework Tuesday, March 21

7th Grade:



  • pg. 408-409 #5-13
  • Quiz on Thursday
  • Quizlet due Thursday


8th Grade:


  • Quiz Tomorrow – point slope form, slope intercept form
  • Quizlet due Thursday


  • Ch 6.1-6.4 Quiz Tomorrow
  • Quizlet Due Thursday


  • pg. 498 #40-52 even
  • Quizlet Due Thursday

Homework Monday, March 20

7th Grade: Math GR7 G Quizlet 2 Student

PD1: Quiz Thursday, Quizlet due Thursday

PD4: pg. 400 #8-22 even, 23, 28, 30, Quiz Thursday, Quizlet due Thursday

PD5: Quizlet due Thursday

8th Grade: Math GR8 G Quizlet 1 Student

PD6: Quizlet due Thursday

PD7: pg. 360 #8-20 even, Ch 6 Quiz Wednesday, Quizlet due Thursday

PD8: pg. 498 #16-30 evens, Quizlet due Thursday

7th and 8th Grade Quizlets – due Thursday, March 23

7th and 8th Grade Quizlets – due Thursday, March 23

*If you will not be here Thursday, March 23, please email me or turn in your completed quizlet before you leave.

7th Grade

Math GR7 G Quizlet 2 Student

8th Grade

Math GR8 G Quizlet 1 Student

Homework Friday, March 17

7th Grade:

PD1: pg. 302 #33-43 odds

PD4: pg. 387 #1-9, pg. 393 #1-1 **make sure graphs are on graph paper

PD5: IXL 7th grade Q7 (15 correct)

8th Grade:

no HW

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Catholic High School Entrance Exam

Attached are practice tests for Catholic High School Entrance Exams.  There are three portions of the HSPT that are math tests: Quantitative, Math, and Problem Solving.  I have attached a practice test for each of those subjects from Kaplan and Petersons.  The Math and Problem Solving sections are listed together.  The Quantitative section is in a separate PDF.  Answer keys are also attached.  This is not mandatory.  This is an aid to help you in preparing if you wish.


MATH AND PROBLEM SOLVING: kaplan-math-and-problem-solving

QUANTITATIVE: kaplan-quantitative

KEY: kaplan-key


MATH AND PROBLEM SOLVING: petersons-math-and-problem-solving

M/PS KEY: petersons-math-and-problem-solving-key

QUANTITATIVE: petersons-quantitative

QUANT KEY: petersons-quantitative-key

8th Grade Religion News



8REL Newsletter 8.26.16

8th Grade Math News

8th Grade Math News

Dear 7th and 8th Grade Families,

Exciting news!  St. James will begin using a program called IXL in math class.  I have attached a letter in links and documents introducing the program.  Students will periodically work on this in class, and will be assigned homework in IXL from time to time.  When students log in, they will see a few different yellow stars in their grade level.  I will assign which yellow stars they should be working on.
Students will receive their login information on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend!

Miss Andrea Schneider

District 214 Placement Test information: d214-gr8-parent-mailing-draft-2

8th Grade Math Newsletter: 7th-8th-newsletter-9-23-16

Math Test Correction Format: test-correction-format

Corrections may be made on all tests, but not on quizzes.  This form can be found in links/ documents for the rest of the year.

Period 6: 8th-math-pd-6-9-9-16

Period 7: 8th-math-pd-7-9-9-16

Period 8: 8th-math-pd-8-9-9-16

D214 Placement Information: d214-placement-test-info

St. Viator Placement Information: svhs-placement-test-info

8th Math 9.2.16

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