Miss Andrea Schneider 7th Grade


Friday, Nov 17

7th and 8th grade homework: Simple Solutions 17 & 18 due Monday

Religion: Second Step homework & Confirmation lesson 8 due Monday

Monday 11/20 & Tuesday 11/21

All students who will be missing Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week must makeup the work before they leave.  All students must have shown me Simple Solutions 17-18 by Friday 11/17 if they will not be in school Monday or Tuesday.  All students must complete an IXL online practice before they leave/ while they are gone.  Please see me for details before you leave.

Thurs, Nov 16

7th Grade: Simple Solutions 17-18 Due Monday

PD1: pg. 117 #24-33

PD4: Classwork

PD5: IXL in class

8th Grade: Simple Solutions 17-18 Due Monday

PD6: Worksheet

PD7: Ch 5 Test today & tomorrow

PD8: Ch 8 Practice Test Answers, Ch 8 Test Tomorrow

PD9 Religion: Confirmation Lesson 8 completed by Monday

Wed, Nov 15

7th Grade:

PD1: Ch 3 Quiz

PD4: pg. 142-144 #14-42 even

PD5: worksheet

8th Grade:

PD6: Classwork

PD7: Ch 5 Test Tomorrow & Friday

PD8: pg. 526 – 527 #12-34 even

Tues, Nov 14

7th Grade: Simple Solutions 17, 18 due Monday

PD1: Ch 3.1-3.3 Quiz Tomorrow, Worksheet due Thursday

PD4: pg. 138-139 #14-56 even, Test Corrections due tomorrow

PD5: Worksheet odds, Test Corrections due Thursday

8th Grade: Simple Solutions 17, 18 due Monday

PD6: IXL Y12 to blue ribbon OR for a half hour

PD7: pg. 320 #12-28 even *graph paper*

PD8: pg. 519 #24-44 even

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High School Entrance Exams

Below is the letter for the District 214 Entrance Exam.  They use a test called the PSAT8.  Since this is a very new test, I do not have access to any practice materials.


Information about the PSAT8: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-8-9

Attached are practice tests for Catholic High School Entrance Exams.  There are three portions of the HSPT that are math tests: Quantitative, Math, and Problem Solving.  I have attached a practice test for each of those subjects from Kaplan and Petersons.  The Math and Problem Solving sections are listed together.  The Quantitative section is in a separate PDF.  Answer keys are also attached.  This is not mandatory.  This is an aid to help you in preparing if you wish.

SVHS info: https://www.saintviator.com/admissions/entranceexam


MATH AND PROBLEM SOLVING: kaplan-math-and-problem-solving

QUANTITATIVE: kaplan-quantitative

KEY: kaplan-key


MATH AND PROBLEM SOLVING: petersons-math-and-problem-solving

M/PS KEY: petersons-math-and-problem-solving-key

QUANTITATIVE: petersons-quantitative

QUANT KEY: petersons-quantitative-key

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