Mrs. Christine Trausch Art 3rd-8th grade/Religion Upper Grades


7th Grade Religion
  • Due March 3 – JOURNAL – Make a list of some of your most prized material possessions. Choose which 3 would be the most difficult for you to give up and explain why. How does this reflection tie in with Lent? (MEL-Con poster)
  • Due February 24 – SECOND STEP 9 – “An Emotion Workout”
  • Due February 24 – JOURNAL –
    Relate The Kingdom of Heaven in modern terms. (ex., The Kingdom of Heaven is like GPS. Living the values of the kingdom guides me to my destination.) Write a parable that Jesus might tell today, using what we understand today, to describe the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Due February 10 – SECOND STEP 8 – “Tracking Your Anger”
  • Wednesday, January 11 – QUIZ – list and definitions should be in notebook.
  • Due January 6 – JOURNAL –
    What are your strengths?
    What are your goals for the new year?
    What are your ambitions for your future as an adult?
  • Due December 16 – SECOND STEP 6 – “Top Five”
  • Due December 9 – JOURNAL –
    If you were to encounter Jesus today…
    *How would you describe yourself to Him?
    – How would you describe your personality?
    – How would you describe what makes you special?
    – How would you describe what is important to you?
  • Due December 2 – SECOND STEP 5 – “Are You Safe?” – Remember these assignments require adult participation and signature.
  • Due December 2 – JOURNAL –
    Symbolism of the Advent Wreath (explain each in bullet points)
    – circle
    – evergreen
    – 4 candles
    – 3 purple
    – 1 rose
    – flames
    – Gaudete Sunday
    Write 2-3 complete sentences:  Why do we use Advent Wreaths?
  • Due November 18 – Interview your parents about your name. (And do a little research)
    1. Why did they choose your name?
    2. What does it mean?
    3. Did you get your name from another family member?
    4. What about your middle name? Does that name have some special significance?Due Friday,
    5. Tell a brief story of how your name was chosen
  • Due Tuesday, November 8 – SECOND STEP 4 – “Thank You!” – Remember these assignments require adult participation and signature.
  • Wednesday, November 2 – QUIZ – list and definitions should be in notebook.
  • Due Thursday, October 27 – Rosary Project
  • Due Friday, October 21 – SECOND STEP 3 – “Winning the Battle” – Remember these assignments require adult participation and signature.
  • Due Friday, October 14 – JOURNAL – What promise did your family make to God at your Baptism? How have you kept that promise? How can you continue to keep that promise in the future?
  • Due Friday, October 7 – SECOND STEP 2 – “Life Experiences Timeline” – Remember these assignments require adult participation and signature.
  • Thursday, September 29 – QUIZ – list and definitions should be in notebook; also know facts about the Gospel writers (similarities and differences)
  • Due Monday, September 26 – Book marks due (most are already completed)
  • Due Friday, September 23 – SECOND STEP 1 – “I Spy” – Remember these assignments require adult participation and signature.
  • Due Friday, September 16 – JOURNAL – Explain how “oral tradition” plays a part in your life. Give and explain one example.
  • Due Friday, September 9 – JOURNAL – Recall a favorite bible story (NT) and retell it briefly in your own words. (Do not look it up – rely on your memory) Explain why it is a favorite or why it was chosen.
  • Due Friday, September 2 – JOURNAL – Signed Parent Letter-2016

8th Grade Art
  • Due Tuesday, January 10th – shoe box; plastic bottle or can (for clay mug)
  • Due Monday, December 5th – Variety of clippings from newspapers and/or magazines to be used to create collage on plaster mask. These should be fairly small to bend around the contour of your mask and be glued down flat. This collection of clippings should represent ALL of the following categories fairly equally:
    1. History and Background – (your family history, ethnicity, culture, etc., dating back generations)
    2. Hobbies and Interests – (things you like to do or are important to you as an individual. These may include sports, sports teams, things that interest you, things you like to do in your spare time, etc.)
    3. Personality – (things that are unique about you – who you are to your family, friends, and yourself)

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