Mrs. Jessica Granato 3rd Grade


Upcoming Tests
  • Nonfiction Reading Test-Thursday, April 6
  • Session 19 Religion Quiz-Friday, April 7 (play game for extra credit)
  • Word Study Assessment-Friday, April 7


The students have been introduced to our cumulative nonfiction reading unit project (Time for Kids Magazine). The first step of this project, choosing three topics of interest to research, is due on Monday, April 3. Please keep in mind that topics can be a person, place, event, animal (must be different than the animal used for the 2nd grade project), invention, etc. Topic lists should be written from the student’s first choice to their third. I will be conferring with students the week of April 3. Together we will select a topic that they feel confident conducting research and creating a magazine on. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this. 

Third graders should be reading at least 20 minutes per night. This can be silently, with an adult, as a family, etc. When a reading log is assigned, one box should be competed daily. Friday boxes on the reading log can be completed any day over the weekend. Logs will always be due on Mondays.

Please work on fact fluency each night to help your child build their foundational skills. You can utilize Rocket Math tests, flash cards, or the Rocket Math app to practice and study facts. Another useful app is called “Math Cards”. We take Rocket Math quizzes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Your child now has access to IXL. Please utilize this amazing program at home for practicing skills.

Word Study:
Your child is responsible for bringing his/her Word Study notebook home each night and back to school each day. Word Study notebooks are used in class daily but also hold each night’s homework assignment. Please view the front cover for detailed descriptions of each night’s homework assignment. Word Study tests take place every Friday. Students will sort and spell their weekly words, apply the rule by placing 4 word hunt words with the correct patterns, sort 10 words from their blind sort which follow the same patterns, and write 2 sentences using any word from the assessment demonstrating that they understand the meaning behind the words.

Our new Religion curriculum, “Finding God”, has a wonderful online component. Please utilize this component when reviewing for Session tests. Simply click the link on the left side of my website titled “Finding God”. From there, select “Grade 3”. Lastly, going under the Unit/Session that we are in you can choose to play an interactive game or view a study guide. I will be giving 1 extra credit point to any student who completes the “Interactive Session Review” and emails their results to me prior to a Session Test.

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Spring Break Clip Art

Newsletter 3.23.17

Newsletter 3.17.17

Newsletter 3.10.17

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Newsletter 2.24.17


Upcoming Dates
  • 3/25-4/2: SPRING BREAK
  • Monday, April 3: 3 TFK Topics Due; Pizza with a Purpose
  • Tuesday, April 4: Jersey Day ($2 Donation to Fr. Gilbert’s Village)
  • Wednesday, April 5: Second Step
  • Friday, April 6: Mass

Our Specials Schedule

Monday- Library
Tuesday- Gym
Wednesday- Computers
Thursday- Art & Gym

Please make sure that your child is wearing sneakers on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that they are prepared for gym class.

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