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Spring Break 2017 edition

The winning Life Savers Racer — 9.5 ft!

Have a great break!  NO HOMEWORK.   The baking chemistry extra credit will be posted later this break.  Stay tuned.

Make your own fidget toy.  Click here for instructions.

Soda Bottle Top Fidget Toy

In case you want to up your racing game, check out these amazing videos about racing:



Wednesday, 3/22

7th and 8th grade: There is no homework tonight.

8th Grade:  Can you use your developing knowledge of chemistry to come up with an ORIGINAL Chemistry Cat meme?  The world needs more Chemistry Cat jokes…and you might need (or want) the extra credit point that comes with it!



HydrOgen and iodine said something. Do you know what they said Hi Chemistry Cat Meme Generator

File_000.png Google Drive

Tuesday, 3/21

7th Grade

Due tomorrow:  “Make the Right Call” Lab Analysis Questions #s: 1-6  (see p. 125)

8th Grade:

Tomorrow: Chapter 20 Test

Study your quizzes!




Monday, 3/20

7th Grade

Due Wednesday: “Make the Right Call” Lab Analysis Questions #s: 1,2, 4, 5,6  (see p. 125)

You could probably start the first punnett square (see question 1)

8th Grade:

Test: Chapter 20 on Wednesday


Due tomorrow: Select 10 of the following 20  questions and answer them on loose-leaf.  Note: A multi-part question 1a, 1b, 1c, counts as ONE question.   Please click on this link to get started.




Friday, 3/17

Image result for four leaf clover vs shamrock

7th Grade

Due Monday:  

  1.  Read this article about the genetics of the four leaf clover

2.  Answer these questions:

  1. What is responsible for the four-leaf mutation?
  2. How many sets of chromosomes does White clover have?
  3. How many sets of chromosomes do you have in each of your cells?
  4. Is clover heterozygous or homozygous?
  5. Fill in the blank The multifoliolate trait was found to be controlled by two recessive genes.  Note: multifoliolate = multi-leaved.  The word folioate is related to the word foliage.  “The foliage is really impressive in Northern Wisconsin in the fall!”
  6. What influences clover gene expression?
  7. When are 4-leaf clovers the most prevalent?
  8. Statistically there is only a single four-leaf clover in ___________.  
  9. If you find one four leaf clover, would it be worthwhile to look around it for another?  Why?



Image result for ion charges on periodic table

8th Grade:

Due Monday: Naming Ionic Compounds Handout Problems:

Model 1– Ion Charges for Selected Elements

  1.  Complete the periodic table with the charges of the ions.  See p. 616 or above for assistance.
  2. Complete problems 1-2

Model 2– Ionic Compound Names

  1.  Answer questions 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13


Wednesday: Chapter 20 test

Chemistry of Baking EC project details will be posted here later this weekend!


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