Fifth Grade


HW Kelly March 22

Language Arts–none

Social Studies–none

WTW–some students have a sort quiz

Religion–Second Step Home Link

Reading–students are completing a book jacket in class which will be turned in at the end of class on Thursday.

HW Kelly March 21

Language Arts–wkbk pages 129-30

Reading–book cover will be completed IN CLASS by Thursday afternoon

Social Studies–none

WTW–sort activity for some students


HW Kelly March 17

Language Arts–none



Social Studies–Lesson Review, p. 281, #2-7, Quiz, Chapter 8 , Lessons 2 & 3 Monday

Reading–Reading log due Monday, Novel Notes due Tuesday, I Survived assignment for Dog Song group due Tuesday, Book Jacket due Thursday

HW Kelly March 16

Language Arts–subject/object pronoun handout

Reading–Novel Notes due Tuesday, I Survived assignment for Dog Song students due Tuesday, Quiz in Hatchet Friday,Reading log due Monday

Social Studies–Chapter 8 Lesson 3 lesson review, p. 281, #2-7


Religion–Home Link due Friday

HW Kelly March 15

Social Studies–none

Language Arts–wkbk p. 125, text p. 239, #1-15

Religion–Home Link due Friday

Reading–Dog Song pictures & captions due Friday, Hatchet workseet with problem/solution and sequencing due Thursday, Novel Notes for both books due Tuesday, I Survived Report Sheet for Dog Song group due Tuesday, reading log due Monday.

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Weekly Newsletter–5th grade


Weekly Newsletter March 10


Weekly Newsletter March 3


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