Ms. Kaitlin Kenny 8th Grade Literature & 3-8th Grade Technology


Week of March 20th Work

Monday 3/20: Review of Literature Circles. See previous posts for details.

Tuesday 3/21: Annotations: Reviewed purpose of annotations and what to annotate. Practiced our annotations work on a Holocaust reading. If you were absent, print and annotate this reading (page 1-2 ONLY. Stop on page 2 at “Summary of the history…”

Wednesday 3/22: Review components of diary writing and wrote a one-page journal entry. See PowerPoint for requirements. If you left early for spring break, please return with this work completed.

Thursday 3/23- Work Day on independent novels and Week 1 LC work

Holocaust Literature Circles

8th Grade Reading Literature Circle Information. Click on the colored,  bolded words to be directed to the proper information.

Period 4 Role Work Schedule & Groupings

Period 5 Role Work Schedule & Groupings

Literature Circle Descriptions

Week 1 Work for our first literature circle is due Wednesday, April 5. Hard copies only of role work & individual week 1 work.

Reading 3/17

For a band members missing Thursday, 3/16:

Read Elie Wiesel’s excerpt from his novel Night and write a one paragraph reflection in your reading notebook. Click here for the excerpt.

Reading HW- Period 4

Complete bullying mind map. It should have at least 3 branches with at least 3 details on each branch. Pictures are not required, but it should be thorough/detailed for full credit. This is due tomorrow. Find the People Magazine articles here. All of the articles are not here, so please use what’s in this document.

Please bring a book of choice to class tomorrow as well.

Reading HW due Monday 2/27

Readworks poem and questions due Monday, Feburary 27. Put your answers in a google doc and share the doc with me before class Monday. Find the poem and questions here.

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Calling All Coders!

If you’re interested in Coding or video game creation, check out this afterschool coding program!

Let’s Code It – Video Game Design Flyer

7th Tech Class 3/22

Students read and analyzed two case studies, wrote their answers in a google doc., and then shared them with me. If you were out for Scholastic Bowl, these can be completed in class tomorrow (Thursday, 3/23) while your peers work on typing practice.

Spitball Discussion

Students built their love of learning Friday with a new activity called Spitball discussion. After a read aloud, each student wrote one creative discussion question. One at a time, students took a turn to grab a “spitball” question, read it aloud, and answer it for the class. This activity builds a love of reading and prompts discussion around a text. We’re looking forward to doing this more!

IMG_0181 IMG_0183

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