Miss Michelle Schueler 3rd Grade


Upcoming Due Dates and Tests

March 13th

Artist Awareness

March 14th

Force and Motion Test

March 15th

Social Studies Chapter 6 Test

March 16th

Session 18 Religion Quiz

March 17th

Suffix Test

St. Patrick’s Day





Third graders should be reading at least 20 minutes per night. This can be silently, with an adult or as a family. When a reading log is assigned, one box should be completed daily.

Rocket Math takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Please work on fact fluency each night. Use Rocket Math tests to practice and study facts.

Words Their Way:
Word Study will begin in September. Monday-Thursday, students are assigned a Word Study activity to complete in class. They will also be assigned an activity to complete for homework each day. Word Study notebooks will be going home and coming back to school each day. Word Study assessments will take place each Friday.

Additional Work:
Additional assignments will be assigned to reinforce skills and prepare students for upcoming learning.

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